Somers Isles Shipping

Holiday Schedule

Holiday Schedule 2018

BERMUDA/U.S.Monday, January 1stNew Year's Day
U.S.Monday, February 19thPresidents' Day
BERMUDA/U.S.Friday, March 30thGood Friday
(Office will be open if we have a vessel)
BERMUDAFriday, May 25thBermuda Day
U.S.Monday, May 28thMemorial Day
BERMUDAMonday, June 18thNational Heroes' Day
U.S.Wednesday, July 4thIndependence Day
(Unless we have a ship that day)
BERMUDAThursday, August 2ndCup Match Day
BERMUDAFriday, August 3rdSomers Day
BERMUDA/U.S.Monday, September 3rdLabour Day
BERMUDAMonday, November 12thRemembrance Day
November 22nd/23rd
U.S.Monday, December 24thFor Christmas Eve
BERMUDA/U.S.Tuesday, December 25thChristmas Day
BERMUDAWednesday, December 26thBoxing Day


Holiday Schedule 2019

BERMUDA/U.S.Tuesday, January 1stNew Year's Day
U.S.Monday, February 18thPresidents' Day
BERMUDA/U.S.Friday, April 19thGood Friday
(Office will be open if we have a vessel)
U.S.Monday, May 27thMemorial Day
BERMUDAFriday, May 31stBermuda Day
BERMUDAMonday, June 17thNational Heroes' Day
U.S.Thursday, July 4thIndependence Day
BERMUDAThursday, August 1stEmancipation Day (Cup Match 1)
BERMUDAFriday, August 2ndSomer's Day (Cup Match 2)
BERMUDA/U.S.Monday, September 2ndLabour Day
BERMUDAMonday, November 4thPortuguese Day
BERMUDAMonday, November 11thRemembrance Day
November 28/29th
U.S.Tuesday, December 24thFor Christmas Eve
BERMUDA/U.S.Wednesday, December 25thChristmas Day
BERMUDAThursday, December 26thBoxing Day